About Us

“Bringing church to those who cannot go to church.”

The ministry of Not Forgotten Ministries was founded by Richard Daughtridge in 1998.

Being a local care pastor at Ringgold Church of Christ he was constantly faced with the needs of shut-ins as he visited hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities through out the Tri-State Area.

There were so many that longed for the worship experiences found in the local church but most could not attend church because of their health. Richard’s dream was to take church to them. He arranged to conduct church services in the different care facilities and was greeted with overwhelming appreciation and joy expressed by the nursing home residents and hospital patients.

Pastor Richard Daughtridge

Pastor Richard Daughtridge

The demand was so great that Richard recruited a group of believers that joined the ranks to help. They formed a team that has conducted hundreds of church services in care facilities all over the area.

Richard left Ringgold in March of 2008 and formed a Non-Profit Organization called Not Forgotten Ministries Inc., which serves as the administrative arm of the ministry.

NFM now co-ops with activity directors in nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities through out the area. In addition they are now forming a group of counseling volunteers that befriend and mentor, as well as, lead Bible studies in the different facilities.

The ministry team formed a bluegrass band called “Not Forgotten” that plays in churches, special events and concerts but mostly in services conducted for the shut-ins in the area.

“The shut-ins are our first priority” says, Daughtridge, “and we try to stay on task.”

Phil Staley Gives Out The Sermon Outlines

Phil Staley Gives Out The Sermon Outlines

In addition,we also have other volunteers that sing solos, lead worship, teach, counsel, and mentor the lonely hearts of the shut-in population.

There is nothing more sacred than holding the hand of a dear senior citizen and watch there expression change as you pray with them or tell them that you love them. To watch them sing the old hymns that they love and grew up with is life changing. Loving them and experiencing the love and appreciation they give back is our greatest reward.

To book the band, serve as a volunteer, or if you have a shut-in that we could help feel free to contact us. Call us at 240-217-3701 but if you are on line we prefer that you email us at richard@notforgottenministries.com or you may go to our web site and leave a message at www.notforgottenministries.com.


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